Meridith Hutchens


Wall Street was an unusual career path for women in the mid-eighties. When Meridith Hutchens went to New York for a college ballet audition at that time, she had no idea her career desire and direction would change forever after visiting the NYSE. After graduating from Tulane University, Hutchens began her career as a traditional stockbroker, an experience she credits today for her stock-picking capabilities, talent for identifying trends, and ability to read the financial markets.

Wishing to grow with the financial industry, work closely with investors, and focus on client education and satisfaction led her to form her own firm. Her ability to look ahead, scan the horizon, maintain intellectual discipline, and seize opportunities has carried through in her approach to investing. Putting fears, bias, and outside noise aside when she knows the numbers don’t lie—that is where she shines. 

We cut through the noise for you with the perspective you need to have a clear snapshot of the markets.

Providing sub-advisory portfolio strategy services to fellow advisors allows her to have the best of both worlds in her practice: the ability to focus on the analytics and strategy of investing, and the ability to empower other advisors. It’s no wonder why her clients and sub-advisors turn to her for insights and portfolio strategy options rooted in research and a risk-negating approach. 

In her spare time, Mer enjoys exploring all Chicago has to offer, from museums to exquisite dining to boating on Lake Michigan with her husband and two children.