Meet the Team

Meridith Hutchens


Wall Street was an unusual career path for women in the mid-eighties. When Meridith Hutchens went to New York for a college ballet audition at that time, she had no idea her career desire and direction would change forever after visiting the NYSE. After graduating from Tulane University, Hutchens began her career as a traditional stockbroker, an experience she credits today for her stock-picking capabilities, talent for identifying trends, and ability to read the financial markets.

Wishing to grow with the financial industry, work closely with investors, and focus on client education and satisfaction led her to form her own firm. Her ability to look ahead, scan the horizon, maintain intellectual discipline, and seize opportunities has carried through in her approach to investing. Putting fears, bias, and outside noise aside when she knows the numbers don’t lie—that is where she shines. 

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David Vincent Guzy

Chief Operating Officer


David Guzy is the Chief Operating Officer and has been with the firm since inception. He oversees compliance as well as the movement of assets. David’s most recent professional background includes owning a financial/data consulting firm – The Guzy Group, LLC. David is our spreadsheet king. His deep understanding of the financial markets and the ability to quantify and organize research data is an important driver behind our proprietary research and analytics.

David has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from the University of Florida.

Dr. John Sena

Investment Counsel


Dr. John F. Sena is an English professor at The Ohio State University. We call him “The Professor” here at Fortis. An avid investor, Dr. Sena follows the market with us and brings a valuable voice of wisdom to the team and is often featured on our blog.

A successful author and lecturer, Dr. Sena has received three University-wide awards for outstanding teaching; he was also the recipient of the University’s Distinguished Affirmative Action Award.   Dr. Sena served as the Assistant Provost of the University.

In addition to publishing numerous scholarly books and essays, Dr. Sena has written three books dealing with the workplace.  From Campus to Corporation and the Next Ten Years; Transitions: Successfully Managing Career Changes from Mid-Career to Retirement; and Work is not a Four-Letter Word

Dr. Sena was a consultant for the Educational Testing Service for 30 years and was the chair of the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) writing committee (English section) for ten years. He has also created and evaluated numerous Advanced Placement exams.  Dr. Sena served as the chair of the College Board’s National English Advisory Committee.

Dr. Sena received his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Princeton University.

Miranda Briski

Administrative Assistant


Miranda Briski is our director of first impressions. Her cheerful disposition and can-do attitude to assist with administrative duties is cherished by our clients.