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Why Fortis Portfolio Solutions for Institutions?

In an ever-evolving financial landscape, advising clients with a risk-conscious strategy isn’t just sound practice—it’s an imperative for their financial security. As a financial advisor, the recognition of risk factors informs every facet of portfolio management, ensuring that clients’ investments are not only poised for potential growth but are also resilient against market fluctuations. Striking this balance can be the difference between a portfolio that thrives and one that merely survives.

Market Volatility

Our risk conscience ETF strategies are constructed specifically to control equity exposure by a specific percentage of 100%, 80%, 60%, and 40%. Both global and U.S. only portfolios allow you the flexibility to fit your client’s needs.

Generating Income:

Both our ETF strategies and stock strategies are designed to fit into diversified investment strategies that have shown to be optimal for reducing volatility to lessen the chance of your client running out of money in retirement.

Tax Optimization

The largest cost your client will face in retirement is taxes. Our tax efficient ETF and Stock strategies give you the opportunity to provide a smother experience for your client when managing taxes consequences of their investments.

We focus on market
trends, so you don’t
have to.™

The risk-conscious strategies from Fortis offer a stong foundation for advisors to build a financial blueprint upon, one that is in-tune with the markets and their client’s lives.

Research Driven


Proactive and Dynamic


Risk-Conscious Investment Strategies

We study how various market scenarious have played out to develop strategies that
aim to stay  move ahead of future ones.


Research-based portfolio options to cater to a client's specific risk tolerance.


Active/Passive Exchange-Traded Funds that adjust based on market signals.


Sometimes two heads are better than one. The same goes for investment strategies.

Create Your Own

Successful quant strategies are dynamic in nature.

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Offer dynamic & risk-conscious investment strategies to your clients by working with Fortis.

Fortis Portfolio Solutions empowers advisors to offer risk-conscious, analytic-based investment strategies to their clients under their own roof.

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